Sunday, 8 June 2014

Voynichese Word of the Day: Jhakhr

Voynichese word of the day: 

Jhákhr, n.m. A shrub.



source of definition:

Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. [May, 1911 ]
 Volume VII number 5 - A Dictionary of the Pahari Dialects  
link to source:  
Source of word: The Voynich Manuscipt [MS 408]
Line 2, Second word from right.

letters transliterated by: jh:spud,  kh:marco,  a,r:bax.     et al
[note: When using a search enjine always be wary of search-matches that occur within 
an OCR transcribed document don't believe it until you look at the scanned 
(photographed) page] 

Source of word: The Voynich Manuscipt (MS 408) 

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