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Voynich Folio 5v Translation

{Please note this is a work in progress}

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[first guess: Rough Draft]
Needs all the mappings from VOYNICH[ch] --> SPUD[ch] checking.
explaination of above:
ch is just a  shorter way of writing the word 'character' or letter
eg. VOYNICH [5] is the fifth letter in the Voynichese alphabet
Voynichese is the name many call the language of the VM
VM is a shorter way of writing 'TheVoynich Manuscript'
'The Voynich Manuscript' is currently (9th June 2014) in the Yale University Library in America
Voynich Manuscript | Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library

for each character (shoretened to ch) we subtitute another character.

note: Voynichese is a kind a 'Temporary Name' until the actual language the text is written in can be Established.

In Englished Voynichese: { ? - yet to be confirmed transliterated character}  [estimte de correctitus: halva]


(1)Kajhar  jhar        i?khjhon      p?rachat       jhal(s)      i?kheur      tor???            oj?hoer           jhatr

I?jhap?artha     hakhj?he        ik?har        tor???        akhjhar       teur???        ke               terjhat           te

kether     jhoos        ekhel        ikeor          chel          tor        jishar       akjnikhor     chekjhel

jhel         taureti(o)


in The Original Voynichese

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