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Data / Information Dump 001

Spud's Voynich Info Dump 001 {7th July 2014}
"You can't keep a good spud dow-ow-ow-own
Oh No You can't keep a good Spud do-ow-ow-ow-ow-own"
Spud is back once again with the ill behaviour.
Incarcerated against his will at Stans, the holiday home by the sea
(Why would a white englishman go wandering around the countryside barefoot,
covered in mud (clay) and getting scratched by brambles, must be insane, right?)
Big Respect to Sukhwant Singh for giving the best explaination so far of the VM (in my view anyway)
Sukhwant's insistence that the VM "is in Landa Khojki scripts and belongs to Sindh region"
was always at the back of my mind during my own research.
After finally viewing his youtube video spud exclimed "Om Shivaya" and writhed around on
the floor in involuntary yogic postures (his back felt a lot better for it).
This one humbly begs the forgiveness of Sukhwant Singh for not having given him the credit earlier.
Spud has been far to busy talking to all the interesting people he has met in here
(and trying to (peacefully) fight the insane topsy-turvy system) to have done any VM research since mid-june but he has access to some of his notes so here is an 'information dump' of them.
Before that though, the discovery that the VM is (probably) a Secret Roma book raises many issues
One of the things that has kept me from doing any more translation is that i have not yet have permission to read it.
The Roma or Gypsies are one of the few peoples it is still acceptable in England to express a
disliking for in 'polite company'.
Another is the tribe of 'dole scum' or 'benefits claimants' of which Spud is a member.
incidentally it was due to not having a job and therefore being able to stay up night after night
on the computer that led
to Spud making whatever discoveries he may or may not have made.
----- data dump begins -------------------- most of this is probably bo****ks and is therefore
offered for amusement only ----
------------------------{}=transcribers notes-------
=========== -> page/side of page breaks
A Speculative Partial Translation of Voynich MS 5v {i'm still unsure as to if the plant is a
{many of these characters are guesses and Sukhwant's theory blows many of them out of the water
K(h)aj(a)har jhan (i)khjhon prachat jhalakheur teur okhoer jhakhr njap?artha hakhjhe i?khar teur
akhjhar teur ke terjhat te kekhar jhoos akhal ikaor chal tor jishar akjhjkour cheakjhal jhal
JH -> JaH ?
Cajahar - bean (from Handbook of the diseases of the nervous system)
jhan - more (nepali)
atar - assigns (turkish)
teur - tear (turkish)
jhoos - tree coat {origin?}
jhus - 'fine hair on a plant or caterpillar' (a comparative dictionary of the Indo-Aryan Language)
terjahat - 'the worst' (a Comprehensive Indonesian English Dictionary By Alan.M.Stevens
Kajhar - Bahmani, Dasai, dasari, Kajhar. Very common on the Ghaits{?} and Konkan hills
       - indian squirels tails {?}
akhjhar - {the closest i found was Shoaib Akhtar (a cricketer) just found out akhtar means 'star'
in persian}
must have done it in my sleep when i dreamed i was awake
it's surprising how many of the EVA characters are actually correct. What i mean is, they guessed
the right letter
in the western script which corresponds to the char in the eastern language.
{after digesting the post on the F13r Artichoke by Marco on stephenbax.net}
I've been getting great results with EVA 't' -> BAX 'Kh' as suggested/hinted at in your post
EVA torshor
BAX Tar(ch?)ar
Kodshol {?}
Stages involved in my so-called 'translation'
1. Knowing about the voynich manuscript. I think it was Skeptoid. led to YouTube.
So i knew what the VM was when i heard that someone{Stephen Bax} had translated a few words of it
(via the 'missed in history' podcast).
Actually I had completely forgotton the other competing theory which came out about the same time
which I will have to look into.
{i still haven't looked into the American-origin theory}
F5v Google Translate 
1. KaJHAR (Turkish) -> is KAJH
1. KAJAHAR (Turkish) -> is Kajahn
2. Jhan (Turkish when JH? -> Plant
3. HTJHON -> X (google search gets quiz on Buddha)
    so look as MS carefully.
akhjhar (google) -> a blocked indian language mp3 site
poems: [Zindagi Na Milegi, Dobara Shagari]
akhjhar - (google) "akhjhar means" - yahoo search ->
The meaning of the name akhTar is 'star' {so i had already noted that. i'd just forgotten it}
also akhtar name & meaning on ancestry.com
----- i was wrote a long post in response to erics picture superimposing two VM pages in the
stephenbax.net comments ----
---- im afraid i didnt read the rest of erics posts so i probably misconstrued his intentions in
posting that picture -----
----- i didnt post it in the end so i will put it here ----------------
Peace Eric, I have been thinking about your last post.
Do you know anything about peridolia?
If the eyes and brain stare at anything for long enough they will start to see patterns.
I was starng at my 'translation' last night and thought i could see recognisable english words,
sometimes from the beginning of one word and the start of the next, or i thought i could 'divine'
the english meaning
by a sense of inner {i can't read my own writing at this point}
however i did not let myself get 'carried away' by these ideas.
there must also be a danger of folie-a-tois which may be why translators are wary of each other.
Is anyone else finding Voynich Translation at one moment Joyful then Terrifying
"Do you do your work with fear and trembling?, then you'll do "- William Blake
It would be very dull if imagination and creativity were completely banished from Voynich Studies.
Ask yourself "What would I do if I knew what language the Voynich Manuscript was in,
If I knew what it was about and what the words were."
I think it is at this point that the adventure really begins.
First thoughts.
It reminded me of some of the videos on YouTube where people 'flip' the image of a page and
superimpose it on
the original image. I can appreciate this as art but don't find it useful in transcribing and
transliterating the VM.
(unless it can also be read from right to left and left to right which is something i have wondered
We should also look into the possibility that it can be turned upside down and read from right to
left or
left to right.
Personally i am interested in MS 408 from a polymath - multi / many ways
 * herbals
 * Astronomy/Astrology
 (i gave up on the 'Stars' section when i couldn't convincingly translate the word by the Pisces
Fish star)
3rd Thought
"i like this picture, these are the two plants that kept me going. My parents have many centaurea
in their garden and whenever I see one I think 'that looks *just* like the pic in the Vounich
and it gives me the confidence to keep going on.
4. I also think the artist/writer was aware of how thin vellum was and when writing on the other
side was
conscious to try and keep to the 'spaces'. compare with how soldiers in WW1, when paper was scarce
write a postcard then turn it at 90 degrees and keep on wrting.
================== drawing ========================
Voynich Turing
A Turing Machine with Voynichese charcters on the 'input' tape
and English/Latin characters on the 'output' tape.
"3 spaces max" written underneath {i.e. i thought the 'tape head' would move a maximum of
three characters on the input before producing one on the output.}
"The tragedy of science, the slaying of a beautiful theory by an ugly fact" - Aldous Huxley
{slightly misquoted}
i suggest a new mapping name
isa = is same as
eva   isa
 o  -  a
 t  -  kh
 l  -  t
 a  -  e {?}
eva: otolal
isa: akh-atet
I am patiently waiting to hear Stephen's Views on this. But I have plenty to occupy myself with in
=====================================DATA DUMP ENDS+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Finally a big thanks to 'Charlie' for taking an interest in my work.
A quiet word (or beep) in the ear of my psychiatrist might convince him that i am not delusional,
or perhaps you were a figment of my imagination after all.

respect to all strictly peaceful Pykees and Thugees
peace out

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